Basecamp vs Teamwork: Which one to chose in 2021

The trick to a more organized work life is usually always project management software. Everyone has experienced in one way or another a work environment that is chaotic, hectic and all over the place, this is usually due to people not being on the same page and people being unaware of what is happening around them. 

Project management systems solve this problem entirely by creating a medium with which managers and employees can communicate goals, deadlines, expectations for projects and everything in between. These became increasingly popular after the covid-19 pandemic, companies who were looking to go online were trying to find a medium where everything can be laid out for everyone to see and project management systems are what they landed on. 

Companies should not have this only until restrictions end, this software is very useful for companies whose employees work in office. The reality is that communication is essential and it is imperative that everyone in the company is working towards the same goals. 

Here I will be talking about two of the biggest project management systems currently in the market, Teamwork vs Basecamp. This article will hopefully help you in making a quicker decision in finding the right project management system for your team.

Basecamp vs Teamwork

Basecamp launched before Facebook, iPhone, Gmail, and Instagram, it has been here for that long! Basecamp launched in 2003. It was one of the first systems to ever hit the market, it started as a way to control the chaos of your inbox but then moved further in the organization road and became a management tool.

Teamwork is younger but not by much. It launched in 2007 and was built specifically as a project management systems, it allows managers and team members to communicate with clients and track time with the application.

Features Comparison

Your preference towards each one will depend heavily on the working and project style your company has and will lead you to decide between Basecamp vs Teamwork. 

With regards to Basecamp, it has a simpler user interface. It is easier to get around and understand. This is best used for companies who want to increase their internal communication, it has to-do-lists, direct messages and group chats, the ability to file share and check-in questions. 

It is very simple and some managers may find that it lacks in a lot of areas. To gain in simplicity it sacrifices in details which managers might deem to find important. Features like: multiple project views, automation and the ability to report.

One of the key aesthetic factors to note is that Basecamp is more pleasing. Teamwork is not the most aesthetically-pleasing software out there but it compensates with features.

When it comes to Teamwork the opposite is true, teamwork may be more complicated to understand but it does not sacrifice the important details that Basecamp sacrifices.

If Basecamp is focused on collaboration, Teamwork focuses on task management and projects.

Feature-wise, it obviously covers the obvious like task lists, milestones, deadlines and chats but it goes beyond this.

Teamwork allows you a time tracking feature and workload management. The latter allows managers to gauge their team’s capacity to understand if they are able to do a project well.

To summarize Teamwork vs Basecamp, Teamwork is better used for traditional projects, with specific start and end dates whereas Basecamp would be more ideal for small teams with simple and easy projects.

Pricing Plans

To start off on a positive note, both Basecamp and Teamwork have a free personal plan. Basecamp personal will allow you up to three projects, 1GB of storage and invite up to 20 users. Teamwork allows you 2 projects, five users and 100 MB of storage.

Basecamp Business is priced at $99/month. This offers unlimited projects, unlimited users, collaboration with clients, project templates and 500 GB storage space.

Teamwork Pro is priced at $10/user per month, but it requires a minimum of five users. Each user gets 300 projects, 100GB storage, collaboration with clients, templates, with possible integration with Slack, Office and Google drive.

Teamwork Premium is priced at $18/user per month, which is billed annually. It offers 250GB storage, 600 projects and integrations with HubSpot and Microsoft Projects.

Teamwork Enterprise has an unlisted price, but offers far better security and support with an unlimited number of projects.


Integrations help you be more flexible with what you can do in your software. This also boils down to your preference but usually, the more integrations the better. You made not need all the apps offered but someday you might need to use some.

Here are some of the integrations they are offered by Basecamp and Teamwork. 


  • TaskClone
  • ProjectBuddge
  • Pleexy
  • RSSBus
  • Retool
  • To-do Helpers
  • Tick
  • Calamari
  • Everhour
  • Clockify
  • Toggl
  • Ziflow
  • Honeybadger
  • Ybug


  • Microsoft Teams
  • HubSpot
  • Slack
  • SoftSync for Jira
  • Toggle
  • TasckClone
  • TeamBOT
  • Integrately
  • Easy Insight
  • Teamwork Desk for Mobile
  • Zapier
  • Import2


A great deciding factor for the Basecamp vs Teamwork discussion is customer service.

  • Teamwork offers phone and email support five days a week excluding the weekend.
  • Basecamp offers only email support five days a week excluding the weekend.

Final Words

Ultimately, the best way to understand what you prefer between Basecamp vs Teamwork as your project management system is to try them out for yourself and try. Make sure you do thorough research because this type of software will stay with your company. Changing a project management system is a very long and complicated job because you have to move all your projects to a different service while also having all your employees sign up for a different service. 

Make sure that the choice you are about to take is the right choice for your company because the wrong choice can be detrimental to the level of communication your company has. 

Choosing the right project management system may be a lot of pressure but it is truly rewarding for your company.

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