The 5 AIPMM Type of Certifications

Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) act as the leading certifying body for product practitioners on a worldwide scale.

The credentials to get certified are in-line to the fundamental principles needed to apply to the vast product management processes and organizations.

The membership is in 75 different countries and their aim is for fellow practitioners to help each other throughout this certification.

The certification is not limited to one industry but most of the industries are welcome for the AIPMM Certification to show proof that practitioners know how to create and manage products.

AIPMM work on daily basis to reassure employers that certified AIPMM Practitioners are knowledgable and in fact, AIPMM is compliant with ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024:2012.

Product Manager Certification

The Certified Product Manager (CPM) have been adhering to standards of excellence from their creation to show commitment to the career of Product Manager.

While the AIPMM CPM Certifications is not the only one, it is recognized by other industries as the highest certification.

The certification is based on the best practices after vast practitioners were analyzed, and not just from an educational point of view.

This certification helps practitioners help them to evolve thanks to fellow practitioners practices.

Practitioners with the CPM credentials mean that the individual has a thorough understanding of the functions required for getting new products through the product lifecycle. Meaning from the first step of inception to the last step of Launching.

The focus of the CPM Certification is on the internal activities of the product life cycle so the right outcome is ultimately out from the product.

The CPM validate that the practitioner is knowledgable specifically in these areas:

  • Building Case Studies
  • Writing Business Plans
  • Plan the Market
  • Analyze competitors
  • Plan projects for each product activity
  • Create Product Specifications
  • Develop plans for Product Launch
  • Model a Product Life Cycle Project and Product or Market

Certified Product Marketing Manager Certification

The Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM) gives practitioners credentials that they know the marketing function in the product, Credited individuals are responsible to ensure the growth of the product in the market.

This certification is a continuation for the CPM as this happens after the launch of the product and moves to growth while ends in eventual natural decline.

THE CPMM validate that the practitioner is knowledgable specifically in these areas:

  • Strategic and tactical marketing throughout the product lifecycle
  • Creation and Execution of the Marketing Plan
  • Creation of Marketing Deliverables
  • Market Research, Analysis, and Evaluation of Data
  • Turn insights into ideas for future opportunities
  • The measure, analyze and improve business performance
  • Find opportunities for improvement in the future stage of the product

Agile Certified Product manager and product owner Certification

The Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner (ACPMPO)  gives practitioners credentials that they have a good understanding of basic to advanced strategies and tactics to use agile during the product life cycle.

Basically, this certification is something you take into the whole process of the product life cycle.

The ACPMPO validate that the practitioner is knowledgable specifically in these areas:

  • Business Strategy Integration
  • Product Owner Strategies throughout the Product Life Cycle
  • Leading your Agile teams
  • Be successful with Agile
  • Other Concepts such as Lean and XP

Innovational Leader Certification

The Certified Innovational Leader (CIL) is for those who are set out to lead or has aspirations to. This certification gives certified people the tools and knowledge to be able to do just that.

Apart from the CIL, one can opt to do the AIPMM Product management product marketing and management body of knowledge (ProdBOK) which is about the Seven Phase Life cycle of a product.

People who are credited with this certification mean that they have all the knowledge about the important and renowned seven stages life cycle.

Credited people should be knowledgable about:

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Idea management
  • Business Case Development
  • Project Planning
  • Innovation Development and Qualification
  • How to launch a Product

Certified Brand Manager

This course is about everything you need to know to progress to the huge position of Brand Manager. This certification may be the most important of them all.

The training includes strong courseware about the famous marketing p’s. You will learn the type of roles that play in your brand growth and how to achieve securement of these roles to grow your brand.

In a nutshell, people certified with this course know about:

  • Get to know about the benefits of the brand for the brand itself and customers
  • Trends between the customer and the brand
  • Brand Management
  • Key Organisational Interfaces
  • Components of the Brand Identity
  • What are the Core Values of a brand?
  • Brand Personality, attributes, and elements.
  • How to position your brand in the mind of the customer.
  • The marketing P’s
  • Different Customer Touch Points
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • How to measure and Optimize Brand Equity
  • What is brand architecture  and Brand Portfolio
  • How to develop and maintain the brand

Final Words

For obvious reasons, there aren’t any questions revolving around the certification credentials due to its reputation about being the best.

Students studying for this credential gives them a world of opportunities, while, recruiters can have a huge load of skillset and knowledge about product management.

If you have any thoughts about AIPMM, let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, read our article about the Monday Project Management tool.

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