Teamwork Review: Project Management Made Easy

Regardless of what type of company you work for, you are probably quite familiar with the overwhelming feeling that arises when trying to juggle an endless list of projects all at once. 

Thankfully, there are multiple project management tools and software nowadays which you can use to organize yourself and your company to keep those dreadful sensations at bay.
Teamwork is one such project management software that has revolutionized this field. It’s affiliations with some of the largest companies in the world such as Disney, Asus and Netflix among others, is a testament to this.

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork stands exactly for what its name implies; helping companies manage and work on projects as one whole team by targeting modern day business challenges they face on a day-to-day basis especially in the current climate of remote working.

Whether your company is struggling to keep up with to-do lists because of limited resources or to manage different teams all at once when business is booming, this project management platform provides a simple yet efficient solution that ensures your success.

Teamwork does not limit success to profitability, however, as their main purpose is to allow different parts of the company to work seamlessly together and deliver outcomes, not just outputs. 

Thus, this software’s goal goes beyond providing a platform where team members can assign and complete tasks. It’s about building a whole project management strategy that unifies each piece of a company’s infrastructure.

What features does Teamwork offer to make this possible?

Firstly, getting your company started on Teamwork is a hassle-free process. Once you have applied for your own teamwork site, all you have to do is invite teammates using their designated email address. 

From then on, all you have to do is set up a project, divide it into different tasks and assign those tasks to the appropriate teammates. Here is a quick start guide that explains the entire process;

With tasks assigned and team members notified about their role in specific projects, you can now start exploring the wide range of features available to you which facilitate communication as well as time and task management. 

It would be impossible to comment on all its features in one article but these are some of our favorites;


For each project created, you can attach certain milestones to a list of tasks that need to be completed in order to reach it.

This gives a clearer idea of the different goals that need to be met in order for the project to progress. Milestones can be given a name and a due date with the option of setting reminders as the deadline draws near.

Logging Time

This feature is the one that will ensure you manage your time correctly and keep track of the number of hours you put into a specific project.

Each task has a timer. Users start the timer as soon as they get to work on the task, pause it whenever they have a break and stop it once they complete it or are done working on it for the day. There is also the option to log time manually just in case you forget to start the automatic timer.

Logged time can be marked as unbillable or billable which makes it easier to build invoices on the amount of work hours that clients need to be charged for.

Uploading files

Teamwork allows you to upload files in a specific project for all the team members involved to access as well as attach tasks or comments relevant to the project.

You can upload files that are up to 2GB in size and there is also the option of adding a description to it.

Comments and Messages

Teamwork leaves no room for confusion with its efficient comment system. Team members working on a certain project can leave a comment on any item they want to give their input on, be it a task, file or milestone, keeping communication organized.

Messages on the other hand take the shape of a forum or thread where all the teammates can come together and leave general updates, feedback on the progress of certain projects. This ensures close communication across different teams working on the same project.

Teamwork also comes with a built in chat, Teamwork Chat, so you can communicate with anyone form the whole company on the platform itself!

Mobile Apps

While this is not a feature per se, having access to the platform wherever you go is definitely a bonus! Teamwork’s apps are available to download on any iOS or Android smartphone.

Why is Teamwork the better option?

For starters, Teamwork is the more affordable option for any company or agency that is starting its digital project management journey.

This platform comes with a Free Forever Plan for smaller scale teams that are made up of 5 users or less who will have access to Teamwork’s key features completely free of charge.

When it comes to larger teams, plans start at a monthly fee of $9 per user which is definitely a bargain considering the arsenal of features you will have at your disposal.

This is a stark difference from other competitors which offer more limited monthly plans at a higher price and with an even higher price tag when requesting full access for all features, regardless of your company’s size.

Another aspect that distinguishes Teamwork from other project management softwares is it’s overall layout.

Things can easily get messy when you are working on multiple projects at the same time but Teamwork’s simple and user-friendly design keeps your team organised and devoid of chaos.

One thing we would like to add to the list of benefits when working with Teamwork is the brand’s focus on building client relationships.

The team at Teamwork is adamant on the customer support it provides, always going the extra mile to please its customer with any issues they have or changes they wish to see on the platform. 

Teamwork started as a team of two software developers who wanted to find the best project managing system for themselves and once they found a formula they worked they wanted to share it with the rest of the world.

This is why the team that has grown exponentially since then is always looking to improve the platform’s software depending on their customer’s needs.

They are also proactive in making the world as a whole a better place, dedicating 1% of their profits each year to charities and good causes decided by the staff members themselves!

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