Monday: Use Cases

What is Monday?

Monday was created as a solution to a problem that saw. The problem was that both major or small companies struggled to balance productivity and engagement during project planning and implementation.

Monday is a tool that helps companies to connect employees and organize tasks of a certain project in an easy and understandable way.

Monday started as Dapulse, which was a market leading communication app for teams of all sizes. Nothing much changed apart from the fact of a change of name and became a website,

In this article, we will be explaining how different industries can use the project management platform, however, beforehand we will look at an overview of the main features of the product.

Features is renowned for the platform being easy on the eye, which helps employees to manage better the projects.

The platform also offers a tracker to keep up to date with the project progress so you can be sure to meet set deadlines. This tracker eventually helps you to delegate tasks to employees in an efficient manner.

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The timeline is where the magic happens. It gives you an overview of the most important attributes of your projects.

Bottom line- Its sleek design helps project managers to assign and track tasks to meet important deadlines.

With targeting different industries, most of the benefits are the same however offers flexibility for the industry in need.

Use Cases

Due to its template flexibility, can be tailor-made for the different type of industries. Below is a list of use cases which Monday is mostly suited for:-

Sales & Business Development

If you are looking for a tool to help you close the deals in an organized way, then Monday offers the solution.

The platform helps you to put and manage all leads, relationships, and other tasks in one platform to organize everything.

Monday also provides you with a way to sync leads from websites to the board of the platform through a form in your website.


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Due to the opportunity of centralization, Monday offers contacts, activities and other information about the sale can be accessed at the right time. No time wasting.

All of this comes with different templates to choose and also the option to watch all sales in a Kanban view. Kanban view will help you to identify what’s next for the sale.

Other features include time zones for mobile numbers of clients to call at the right time and reports for measuring success and progress of a particular sale.


Due to the high amount of tasks that creative agencies face within a project, one may need an app to organize and turn the huge workload into a successful collaboration., provides the solution by letting a manager assign ownership and track the progress of all tasks going on the project. From recruiting to update pages.

The platform also gives the ability to a manager to check how much time was spent on a particular task from a particular employee for further delegation. offers different templates for different type of creative projects as well as calendar mode to view projects and meet deadlines.


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Marketing & PR

Marketing and PR are two of the most important things that a company must get right to grow and develop, so it’s only fair to plan projects in the right and effective way.’s platform will be with you every step of the way, from planning campaigns to execute them while managing your marketing assets.

The platform everything a marketer needs to complete a project in one place to track progress and set deadlines. This reduces time wasted due to its effectiveness in reducing emails and meetings during the working day.

Just like Sales and Creative, provides different templates and time tracking for tasks and a professional timeline view to keep harmony and meet deadlines at the end of the day.

HR & Recruitment

An HR recruitment project or training project can have a lot of processes in it, from onboarding to following up.

Monday gives the opportunity to HR Managers to check the process their executives and employees are doing with a sleek timeline view, where everything is under one roof.

Thanks to the forms the website offers, Monday automatically capture applications from the company website to to make your shortlisting and procedure easy.

The platform also offers a way to measure the employee performance in their overall work to make any performance review during the year more detailed and substantiated.


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In a nutshell, is a tool for multiple employees to get a display of what is happening with a project, so deadlines can be met. is a solution to organize and delegate tasks to the right employees at the right time. can also be integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive or Pipe Drive for more cloud storage in the platform.

This platform is not just for current employees but also has the potential to help new employees to settle well and hit the ground running with projects.

The top benefits of this platform are that everyone in the project will be on the same page and there will be no miscommunication. You can also keep clients in the loop or third-party employees.

The pricing depends on the size of the company or users, offers a free trial for the first month plus other discounts which can be cost effective for long-term use.

Prices start from 25 euros monthly for basic packages for 5 users to 4798 euros for enterprise use for a company of 200 employees.

The cost might be high, but it offers a solution. A solution for meetings and emails. And most importantly it offers a solution to meet deadlines for projects.

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