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Aha! is a software to design product roadmaps and plan your marketing. It started in 2013 with the idea to build a company which provides software to help companies launch products in an efficient manner.

Aha!’s operations are expanded throughout the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The goal of Aha! is to keep striving to improve their software to lead more companies to sell their products through the platform.

The founders of Aha! Dr. Chris Waters and Brian de Haaff and the service they provide are product strategy tool, requirements and release management tool, idea capture and visual roadmap for the product during production tool.

The software uses the cloud to set up files and save communications conversations, so wouldn’t take any space.

Before the beginning stage, Aha! Collaborated with potential customers to get insight into what was needed so Aha! Can provide what was missing.

Competitors of Aha! Include but not limited to HouseCall Pro, ClockIn Portal, and Everhour.

In this article, we will give you our own tour of Aha! products to help you decide if Aha! is the right project planning tool to take with you on your adventure to succeed.

Set Product Vision
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Product Management

Apart from managing Marketing projects, Aha can also be used to manage your products. The point of this product management tool is to stop scattering files across many platforms such as word, excel and one drive.

With AHA you have one place to sort everything out, meaning just one point of contact. The platform uses the why, when and what as road mapping.

To give you an idea, why is the strategy meant to be used throughout the product management, when it’s when it’s supposed to be released in the market and what are the features of the product meant to be.

Also, Aha is as good as your product team is. You have to make sure that the road mapping is clearly understood by the company and the team for it to be a success.

The vision of the product also plays a part to make full use of the platform.

Aha also provides a feature to integrate it with other software you use for your product management.

The list includes but not limited to web analytics web software google analytics, project tracking software Jira, developer tool Visual Studio and other agile project management tool you might have files on such as Pivotal Tracker and Rally Software.

Aha! Marketing Project Management

Marketing campaigns can be stressful, marketers have to get it right to not risk losing a lot of the money, whilst it is important to look at the long term, it’s equally important to have short term solutions to launch a campaign successfully.

Just like the product management tool, Aha! also provides the same solution to halt any other platforms you were using to store files and other creative tools you might be using.

It’s a centralized platform to let you worry only about creativity.

Marketing department team is one of the most powerful teams in any company and it’s only right to offer them the right tool to work on projects. Aha! Aids a company in cross channeling with other departments as well.

Let’s say the marketing team is working on a campaign to launch a new product. Aha! Let’s manufacturing department to converse with the marketing department on the Aha! Platform to make sure that communication is clear and reduce any hiccups.

Just like the product management tool, Aha! Let’s you integrate this software with other tools you might be using like conversational tool Slack, Customer relationship management tool SalesForce and Web Analytics platform Google Analytics to track your campaign.

Aha! Features

The first thing with Aha! after subscription and download are to write your strategy in the software once it’s started.

The platform will automatically ask you for that. The strategic vision must be explained well like you are explaining it to the Chief Executive Officer or the client.

The platform includes a way to connect all the team ideas in one place in the software. This way you can have a look at all the ideas and choose the right ones for both product and project management tool.

There is also the feature to divide between requirements and features of the product.

You can also subgroup those features and requirements into subgroups to make sure you or anyone in the team gets confused.

The roadmaps of this platform are also organized to make sure you get the best out of the road map. In the roadmap, you can also share any pdf’s, images and other files that you may come through during the project.

While you can customize the platform whatever you would like, you can still benefit from analyzing everything that’s happening in the project whether it’s a product production or marketing campaign to be launched.

These features are what you need to launch your product or campaign so you can get the best results you can possibly get.

You can also use Aha! Through their mobile app, so you can work on the move as well.

Pricing and Final Words

Aha! offers five packages to clients and also provides a 1 month free trial.

Startup you need to do a form to check if you qualify for the package but it’s limited to only 5 users from your company.1-month

The Premium offering costs $59 per user and includes all the features Aha! Offers.

The difference between the Enterprise and the premium is that while it costs $99 per product owner or contributor you get unlimited reviews and views for the project or product you are about to launch.

The highest package is the Enterprise+, where it includes Anti Virus scanning, IP Address access control, custom tables, backup and export, Advanced license management and concierge service.

For this price Aha! can be the right solution for many companies especially for startups who don’t afford other more expensive platforms.

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