Working from Home with a Baby

The pandemic has changed the way we live our lives. The Coronavirus has shown us many things about how we live our day-to-day, but one fact that has stood out amongst all is that a lot of work can be done from home. A lot of companies have resorted to remote work to keep their operations running, and after the initial feat at the beginning of the pandemic, remote work has been ironed out and perfected.

The is the new normal and a lot of people have found that remote work is a great compromise to both finish the tasks assigned to you by your work while also being able to keep an eye on your house, and also your children.

The main topic for this article is discussing how parents can simultaneously work at home while caring for their baby. Working from home can be a daunting task for some because work can be stressful and hectic, here we will provide some tricks which you might find useful when working from home.

Our Tips & Tricks

1. Work Different Hours

If your job allows for flexible hours you should use this to your advantage when working from home with children. Try to find hours which your children might not be awake for example or maybe you can get some work in before you sleep late at night. Ideally, you have to evaluate your day and see when you are able to do most of the work, it could be in the afternoon, morning or night as long as you get enough work in and equally enough rest time and family time.

2. Don’t Nap When They Nap

This might be particularly daunting during the day when you are tired of working and being a parent taking a nap with your child can be extremely peaceful. Unfortunately, when working from home, if you work when they nap, you can also put in some good hours of uninterrupted work. Take advantage of their nap times to put in as much work as possible.

3. Adaptability

When working from home you have to learn to be adaptable. You have to learn to shift schedules if some need arises. Sometimes your child might need you for some unexpected reason so you have to be on your feet. Unpredictability is something you should not be surprised by. Ideally, you develop a routine with your children and create a set of boundaries so your home life and work-life don’t mix, but this is contingent on how old the child is. If you have a newborn, this will be particularly difficult when working from home, so always be ready.

4. Hire A Sitter

Some people might find this as a waste of money, thinking that working from home will allow you time to take care of your child. This depends entirely on the child and what the needs are. Hiring a sitter will help you accomplish more. You might not need the sitter for the entire working day but a few hours a day can really help you get going with your work. 

If you have a set schedule and you know which days and hours are the worst with work and childcare, you can hire the sitter to help you in those few select hours so that you won’t be as stressed trying to reach your work targets.

5. Outsource Work

If you don’t want to hire a sitter you can always opt for outsourcing your work. If your job requires content to be written or made you can always find someone out there willing to do some work for money. This is give you extra time to spend with your child, making working from home a much more easier endeavour. 

Prepare Your Tasks From Beforehand

Knowing what you have to do will help you in accomplishing your tasks in a more efficient manner, thus leaving you with extra time to care for your child or to squeeze in some extra work. This will also help you to plan for interruptions. Plan to teach your children that during certain hours of the day they cannot interrupt you unless for emergencies, create methods and techniques to let the child know that you are working and that you cannot be disturbed.

Keep the Children Entertained

Set aside a few toys that your children can play with, maybe a fun movie or anything else you can think of. You can set up your childs play area or entertainment area where you work so that you don’t have to get up and move a lot to check if your child is doing alright. 

Keeping your children entertained may also help you get more work, they might get tired and need to nap giving you even more time to work in peace without any distractions.

Communicate With Your Work

Communication is key in all situations including working from home. It is probable that your boss or supervisor will understand that you as a parent will need to take care of your children. Be sure to communicate your stresses and worries in order to have them settled or you can start discussing them, maybe you can work less hours, or you may not be readily available all the time. Anything can help you in making your work – home liife easier.


Working from home can be an extremely difficult task, especially as a parent. Do not be shy from asking for help. Do not underestimate how difficult it is to be a parent and work at the same time in the same space! Maybe ask your friend, your grandma or pay someone to do it, we suggest that help should be the first thing you seek if you cannot deal with both situations at the time.

This is the new normal and it seems that remote work may be here to stay. It is efficient, saves company time and your time too, so try to adapt and if you are finding it difficult seek help!

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